Welcome back!

For those that are new, X-strike Studios is an independent film company that was founded in 2003. Disgusted with Hollywood’s attempts at adapting video games to the big screen, X-strike set out to make parody films that gaming fans could truly appreciate. From the initial run of 2003 to 2014, X-strike produced five feature length movies, a number of shorts and series on Youtube, a documentary and way too many podcast episodes. 

Though the company went dark for a few years, the gears of X-strike started to grind back into motion in 2019 and work began on new content. Then shortly thereafter, a global pandemic started mucking everything up! Good old X-strike luck. 

Anyway, for the first time ever, all SEVEN X-strike DVD releases are available for purchase on the internet! The original five features (River City Rumble, Silent Horror, Project Snake, Nth Mile and Resident Horror), a compilation of our 2010 Youtube output in the appropriately titled Best of 2010, and our web series Off Campus are all available for your purchasing pleasure. 

Whether your just learning about X-strike now or you’ve been riding with us since MAGFest was just a few hundred weirdos play games together, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy! For now it’s just the store but I’m hoping to build out the page with a bit more history and detail on everything X-strike has put together over the years so stay tuned for more!