River City Rumble DVD




The original X-strike Studios fan-made feature length film! Based on the NES classic River City Ransom, River City Rumble debuted at MAGFest 2.0 in 2003, with a DVD release in 2004, re-release in 2014 and a re-re-release in 2021!

DVD features:

  • 75 minute feature film
  • 40 minute MAGFest 2.0 Documentary
  • Outtakes
  • Two commentary tracks featuring the cast and crew

Note: River City Rumble is presented in it’s original form. This means there are certain slurs and jokes present in the film that are offensive and completely inappropriate. They weren’t appropriate then and they’re certainly not appropriate now. In hindsight, we are not proud of their inclusion, and would have made different choices. Please accept our apology and enjoy the rest of the film. – Tim Ekkebus


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